The setup is pre-configured to work out-of-the-box. It includes a local server and has Selenium adapters for Chrome and Firefox.


Install dependencies

All dependencies needed to run the tests are pre-configured in package.json. You just need to install these:

npm install

Note: it's smart to update to the latest versions of these dependencies.

Configure server and browsers

This setup is pre-configured to start a simple http server on localhost:64448 before running the tests. The setup is currently pre-configured to run in Chrome and Firefox. You can change the configuration of the server and browsers in test/nightwatch.config.js.

Add e2e tests

This setup is pre-configured to run all e2e tests in test/e2e/. There is currently only a simple example in there.

Note: you can also use page objects inside your tests. You will need to enable these in test/nightwatch.config.js.

Run e2e tests

Run all e2e tests:

npm run test:e2e

Alternatively, run the standard test command, which is configured to also run the e2e tests:

npm run test

These scripts are pre-configured in package.json. The browsers to test in are passed as script arguments.

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