De Voorhoede is a front-end development agency based in Amsterdam. We build front-ends for all kinds of projects, we write about front-end, and here we share our front-end tools, experiments and best practices.

Front-end components

Front-end Tools

These tools help us effectively setup and structure our projects:

Code Quality Guides

As a team of front-end developers, code quality guides help us share best practices.

Front-end Servers

A front-end server is dedicated to the best experience in the browser. It handles routing, data fetching, template rendering, static assets, and optimises responses and caches. A front-end server is NOT aiming to manage business logic, handle databases, search indexing, user authentication & authorisation, check-out & order processing, etcetera.

To illustrate how we use front-end servers in our client projects, we've made a few demo servers using different frameworks and languages:

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